At Mind Body Harmony...

Movement is the currency for living.


Mobility is a moving topic!


Have you heard the phrase, “Move it or Lose it”?  Well there is more truth to that than many people would like to believe.  When we chose to sit on the couch every night, we lose a little mobility.  When we chose to ride a 4-wheeler across the street instead of walk we lose a little mobility.  When we lace up our high ankle hiking boots and restrict ankle movement, we lose a little mobility.


At Mind Body Harmony movement is the currency for living.  When we move, we stimulate our brain and strengthen our nervous system as well as our muscles and joints.  Sometimes people tell me it is hard to move as they get older.  The truth is as we get older we naturally have a smaller movement box and so we are not using joints and muscles the way we did when we were younger.  When this happens, we lose the map, so to speak, for that movement in our brain.  The good news is…the brain can be retrained.  

       GOOD NEWS>>>

You can start moving again through Z-Health strategies used at Mind Body Harmony.


The topic of Pain: A new perspective

Pain is a signal.  Plain and simple, pain is a signal.  When our brain feels threatened in anyway it will send us a signal.  Often the first signal it will send out is one of pain.  The problem with a pain signal is that often it has nothing to do with the point of pain.  


Example:  A man tells me that his “old football injury” is acting up.  After reviewing his current circumstances, we discover that although he has done nothing to aggravate his old knee injury he is under particularly heavy stress at work.  Could it be that the brain in an effort to keep this man alive has decided to send out a pain signal to make him slow down forcing him to give up some of the stress simply because he cannot physically be at work????  You bet it can!  


Come to learn how to manage your “threat bucket”.