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At Mind Body Harmony
Movement is the currency for living.


Experience: The Maverick 


a tool for improving balance, vision, movement

cognition, reaction time, and used in concussion rehabilitation

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Pain and the Threat Bucket

Pain is a signal.

The problem with a pain signal is that often it has nothing to do with the point of pain.  

  What's in your   “threat bucket”.

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Mobility is a moving topic!


    “MOVE IT or LOSE IT”?  It's TRUE!

  • Sit on the couch every night and you will lose spinal mobility.

  • Ride a 4-wheeler down the drive to get the mail and you will lose hip, knee and ankle mobility.

  • Lace up your snow boots and you will lose ankle mobility.


Learn more about moving one joint at a time in the Points of Strength class.

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