Movement for Life!


Mind Body Harmony focuses on neurology based research to improve your vision, balance, mobility and reduce pain all while having fun.

No matter what age, the world is meant to be explored.  Don't let pain or decreased mobility stop you from being in nature!

Ruth Ann says, "Tammy helped me with my back.  I can do everything again.  She saved me from having a steroid shot".

Becky reports, 

"I am so EXCITED!!   I took that class with Tammy Koenecke of Z Health for “Eye Health” where we learned exercises for the eyes.  I have been religious about doing them.   Yesterday I had my eyes checked…..


My eyes are better than my last appointment!!  No signs of cataracts, Dr. said he usually see signs at 59 to 60.

My close up vision is 20/20 and he said, “You don’t use readers, do you?”   I said ‘Nope’.  He said that is fantastic!!"