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Group or Individual Classes What a Great Gift Idea!!


  3 Hour Vision Class

See the world through new eyes! Learn strategies for improving your visual clarity, depth perception and peripheral vision and you may be able to get rid of your glasses...

Gather a group of friends and improve your vision together!

Cost:  $120

3-Pillars Strong Class:

 Z-Health Performance Solutions course

12 hours of education...You Decide...

6-2 hour sessions or 12-1 hour sessions

Classes focus on Vision, Balance, Movement and Pain Reduction Strategies


Classes can be scheduled on an individual or small group basis


“My husband and I took the 3-Pillars workshop last spring.  What a wonderful learning experience.  We use the ‘moves’ and knowledge in our daily life now.  Thank you.” Lorie & Jim 


This option is perfect for employee appreciation events, club meetings, or personal/friendship retreats.

What a perfect way to take care of yourself and your colleagues/friends. 


Contact Tammy at 608-963-1312 or by email for additional information on these programs


The Maverick is an icosahedron designed for natural movement


Take a turn working in the Maverick Gym, which provides an amazingly fun component to "working out".

Take a 45 minute class and find out for yourself!

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