Group or Individual Classes


   3 Hour Vision Class

See the world through new eyes!

Learn strategies for improving your visual clarity, depth perception and peripheral vision and you may be able to get rid of your glasses...

3-Week Vision Class

Classes offered by  appointment


3-Pillars Strong Class

A 12 hour (6-week, 2-hours each week) class focusing on enhancing vision, improving balance and increasing mobility. So whether you are an everyday athlete getting out of bed each morning to hit the floor running or a person who loves to run races this class is for you. Perfect for all ages!

3-Pillars Classes by appointment

Get your friends together...

Contact Tammy at 608-963-1312 or by email

Work one on one with...

Tammy Koenecke, RN, BSN, MASL,

Certified Z-Health Trainer

  • Learn about the connection between the Brain and the Body

  • Learn strategies to reduce the risk of injury

  • Learn ways to increase stability, strength, vision, balance, and to reduce pain in a way that is fun!  

  • You can retrain your brain by improving input and therefore output.

  • Learn more...