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Welcome...Here's a little about me...

Let me introduce myself...I'm Tammy!  My husband, Keith, and I were born and raised in Reedsburg.  We love this community.  We also love to travel, hike, bike, water ski, snow ski and keep up with grandchildren!  These activities are my personal motivators for staying active!

My background is nursing.  I am a RN and worked at Reedsburg Area Medical Center for 30 plus years.  After being introduced to Z-Health Performance Solutions in son. I knew I had to advance my education. There were simply too many things I had not learned in nursing school about healing without medications.  In my 19 years as a Spiritual Care Nurse, I saw a deep connection between body, mind and spirit. Brain based education has explained the connections. 


In my 5th year of business, I am grateful for the many folks who trusted me and learned how strategies to regain their mobility, improve their vision and balance, manage their pain and re-engage in their life.

We all need to move through the world everyday.  Why not move through the world in the best way possible?  

At Mind Body Harmony there is no generic approach.  I will listen to you and work with you to find your specific needs and tailor a plan that provides the best possible strategies to meet your and goals. and provide you with hope for lifelong movement. 


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