Welcome...Here's a little about me...

Hello, I am Tammy.  My husband and I have lived in the community of Reedsburg, WI,  all our lives.  I worked 30 years as a RN, the most recent 19 years in Spiritual Care.  I have witnessed the connection between the mind, body and spirit and so I decided to start a new chapter. 

In 2019 I opened a small business:

              Mind Body Harmony

I went back to school and became certified in Z-Health Performance Solutions, neurology based wellness.  At Mind Body Harmony I utilize Z-Health strategies to help people get out of pain, become more mobile and be empowered to self-care. 

It is my desire to share with others the incredible connections between the mind and the body.  There is such amazing new research about the brain's ability to heal, repair and relearn.

I enjoy working with individuals and groups teaching them ways to improve their quality of life through simple drills that improves nervous system input to the brain Improving output or performance.  If the brain gets enough information to feel safe it will provide you with more strength, flexibility and range of motion.  Who wouldn't want that!


We are all athletes in life.  We move through the world everyday.  Why not move through the world with the best mobility possible?  

At Mind Body Harmony I work with you through movement drills that may have gotten lazy over time providing hope for lifelong movement.